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New Zealand based songwriter Adam Snow is bringing his new single 'Daffodils' in time for this summer. After sharing his debut single earlier this year, ‘Say to Me’, Adam has amassed a large reach across NZ, Australia, Asia & the states.

Keeping busy throughout 2020, Adam & his team are ready to finish off the year with a bang, and lead strong into the new year. Teaming up with the indie label Five AM, Adam has all tools in the kit to get the ball rolling.

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The sombre lyrics of Daffodils grinds against the lively energy of this summer anthem. Adam sings about a relationship that tied him down and kept him from being true to himself; confused feelings, misdirection and wavering emotions. Keeping true to the origin of this story, the title 'Daffodils', a lyric noticeably absent from the tune, acts a gesture of thanks to his ex for taking him through that journey in his life.


Daffodils has already previewed on New Zealands leading television soap 'Shortland Street' and has an extensive marketing strategy behind the release. 

Daffodils, out October 23rd.

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